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911, 2023

How Competency-Based Education is Improving Student Outcomes

By |November 9th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

Competency-based education (CBE) is revolutionizing the way school districts and educators approach teaching and learning. By focusing on mastery of specific competencies or skills rather than time spent in a classroom, CBE allows for personalized learning paths that are tailored to the needs, pace, and interests of individual students. This shift from a one-size-fits-all model to a more individualized approach is showing promising outcomes in various educational settings. At its [...]

1710, 2023

A Narrative Review of Selected Studies in Competency-Based and Standards-Based Grading and Reporting Practices

By |October 17th, 2023|Categories: Research Papers|

By Dr. Paul Wright, Marzano Academies Faculty Member Editor’s note: the terms Standard Based and Competency Based have been interchangeably used within research articles. Early Research on Traditional Grading Systems Educational practitioners and researchers have known the limitations of the traditional 100-point grading scale for at least fifty years. Yet this scale and its associated alpha-reporting scheme (A, B, C) are as entrenched in our education system as [...]

2209, 2023

An Examination of the Levels of Evidence in the IES Practice Guides

By |September 22nd, 2023|Categories: Research Papers|

Roman J. Arora & Robert J. Marzano (September 2023) IES Practice Guides The What Works Clearing House (WWC) was established in 2002 to be a central and trusted source of scientific evidence for best practices in education (Wood, 2017). The WWC database is housed within the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) which is a component of the U.S. Department of Education. One of the primary tools the WWC [...]

1209, 2023

Competency-Based Education & The Role of Marzano Academies in Teacher Certification

By |September 12th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

In today's dynamic educational landscape, teachers strive to inspire learners and ensure achievement for all continually. The drive to refine teaching methods has led educators to seek a more profound understanding and proficiency in Competency-Based Education (CBE). Marzano Academies has positioned itself as a leading force in helping educators achieve this goal. Why Competency-Based Education Matters Inspiring Learners: At the heart of education lies the commitment to inspire learners, ensuring [...]

508, 2023

Marzano Academies: Pioneering a New Era of Competency-Based Education

By |August 5th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

As the landscape of education continues to evolve, Marzano Academies, under the stalwart leadership of Robert Marzano, is forging a path toward transformative change. In an era defined by standardization, Marzano Academies has become a beacon of innovation in competency-based education (CBE), a revolutionary approach that prioritizes student mastery over the traditional age-based progression model. Marzano Academies is dedicated to partnering with schools, regardless of type or location, to develop [...]

1907, 2023

The Marzano Academies model of Personalized, Competency-Based Education: Developing agency and ensuring achievement for all Learners Post Covid-19 School Shutdowns

By |July 19th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted traditional education systems worldwide, forcing many schools to close their doors and transition to remote learning. This sudden shift presented numerous challenges for students and educators, leading to learning gaps, and decreased academic performance. However, one approach that has been instrumental in helping students bounce back and improve their grades is competency-based education. By focusing on targeted and structured learning, this approach has become a [...]

407, 2023

Competency-Based Education: Empowering Students to Improve Grades Post Covid-19 School Shutdowns

By |July 4th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted traditional education systems worldwide. The sudden shift to remote learning presented numerous challenges for educators and students alike and resulted in a widespread decrease in academic performance and a widening of many pre-existing learning gaps. One effective recovery approach has been competency-based education. Competency-based education’s focus on clear learning goals, targeted and timely feedback, and valid and reliable assessment and grading practices was helping to [...]

1503, 2023

Do I need 1- 4 Reporting?

By |March 15th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

In short, NO. Marzano Academies works with schools that use letter grades, percentages, words, or graphics to inform interested parties on how learners are progressing through the learning. Educators often confuse the needs of the different stakeholder groups. They are different. Marzano Academies helps schools identify the stakeholder groups and then create reports to meet their needs. A single report is often generated for all stakeholder groups. This approach does [...]

1503, 2023


By |March 15th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

Question: Is there a difference between standards-referenced grading (SRG) and competency-based education (CBE)? Answer: The short answer is yes. Competency-based education (CBE), sometimes referred to as standards-based, is the focus of the Marzano Academies Model of Education. We define CBE as having processes and practices that ensure that learners “demonstrate mastery of the content at one level before they move on to the next level” (Marzano, Kosena and Hubbs, 2022). Learners are [...]

1503, 2023

Don’t I still need to collect points? Is that not more objective?

By |March 15th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

The short answer is no. Since we are humans evaluating humans through our assessments, there is no such thing as an entirely objective assessment. Even how you distribute potential points for the test is subjective and can change from classroom to classroom. What works better is to be fair in your assessments so all students have an equal chance. Proficiency scales help you define the criteria for learning both for [...]

1503, 2023

Won’t They forget?

By |March 15th, 2023|Categories: Marzano Academies|

Question: If I mark a student proficient in September, won’t they forget it by March? Answer: The short answer is yes. People often express concern about marking a learner proficient early in the school year and then progressing to other learning. They worry, rightly so, that learners will not remember what they learned and therefore should not be considered proficient. There is truth to this. Humans will not easily recall [...]

1603, 2016

Scoring Assessments – All 2.0 before 3.0?

By |March 16th, 2016|Categories: Marzano Academies|

Can learners provide evidence of the Scale Level 3.0 if they can’t show all Scale Level 2.0 without error? The short answer is YES. When implementing Competency-based education, it is natural to think about learning as a staircase that progresses in even steps to cover the gap between where a student is currently independent in their thinking and where they can reach with the support of the teacher [...]

1503, 2016

Assessment – What’s the Magic Number

By |March 15th, 2016|Categories: Marzano Academies|

Question: Should a student produce 3-pieces of evidence before I can determine they are proficient? Answer: The short answer is no. We are often asked, “Do you need at least three pieces of evidence before you can mark a learner as proficient on a given measurement topic (Scale level 3.0 content in the proficiency scale)? If not, then what is the magic number? How many do I need before [...]




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