Marzano Academies works in partnership, with all types of schools, assisting school leaders and teachers in the creation of a Competency-Based Education system. The Marzano Academy model is based on Dr. Robert Marzano’s sixteen research-based school-level indicators (16 SLIs), each of which contributes to a high-reliability school and all of which combine to create a Competency-Based Education system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Marzano Academies support schools with both embedded in-person and online professional development and personalized training. Our embedded, professional development specialists provide appropriate school or district-specific professional development, long-term implementation guidance, systems change, and long-term performance monitoring and feedback to increase capacity in schools and support a continuous improvement process.

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Marzano Academies is expanding and improving its partnership experience.

We decided to team with Moodle U.S. and Amazon Web Services to create a more robust partnership experience.

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