Each Marzano Academies partnership is unique; however, we have developed three common partnership tiers. Each tier provides customized support to meet your school’s specific needs.

  • Introductory, “Foundations” Model

Marzano Academies may introduce CBE fundamentals or assist schools already in some way engaged with competency-based education through specific professional development opportunities.

  • Partnership Model

Marzano Academies helps a school become a competency-based education system through our proprietary 3-Phase development model. This is a systems-change, long-term model. Training, development, and feedback are critical to this model.

  • Lab-School Model

Marzano Academies partners with a school and or district to become a Marzano Academy “lab” school. A Marzano Academy lab school holds a special designation whereby the school shares data with Marzano Academies and in turn Marzano Academies shares research and professional development with the lab school and any associated satellite schools. This is a systems-change approach with specific guidelines on the use of our interventions and initiatives.

Marzano Academies Competency-Based Education Conference: 2 Day Conference

June 21 And June 22 At The Marzano Academies Offices In Centennial, Colorado.

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To our Partners,

Marzano Academies is expanding and improving its partnership experience.

We decided to team with Moodle U.S. and Amazon Web Services to create a more robust partnership experience.