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Marzano Academy Teacher Certification Courses


Pathway 1: Element Credentialing: $150
Pathway 2: Design Area Badging: $225
Pathway 3: CBE Educator Certification: $2250

Take your teaching to the next level. Choose a Marzano Academies’ Educator Pathway and earn certification as a competency-based educator. Learn how to create a classroom environment that clarifies learning outcomes, so students have a role in designing and executing learning plans intended to develop a sense of agency and efficacy. Learn how to use coordinated, evidence-based assessment and instructional strategies that, when executed together, have a combined effect greater than the sum of their parts.

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Marzano Academies Educator Pathways to Certification are based upon Dr. Marzano’s Competency-based Instructional Model.

  • Evidence-based material by Bob Marzano

    • Dr. Marzano has created an instructional model for Competency-based classrooms based on his 50 years of research. He has identified the nuances that make a CBE classroom different from a traditional classroom, provided detailed strategies a teacher can use today, and what measures they can use to determine if they are having the desired impact on their learners’ behaviors and dispositions.
  • Flexible (personalized) –

    • Multiple Pathways to complete certification.
      • Pathway 1 – have access to all 10-Design Areas of the Marzano Academies’ Instructional Model and work on earning badges in the order that works for you. You can start gathering evidence of Design Area 1. Then you can begin collecting evidence for any other design area before earning the badge for Design Area 1. Once you have completed all ten Design Areas, you will be certified as a Competency-Based Educator.
      • Pathway 2 – Choose a badge, one at a time, collect all the evidence, submit it for review, earn the badge, and then move on to the next badge. Once you have earned badges for all 10 Design Areas, you will be certified as a Competency-Based Educator. You could also choose to earn a few badges that are important to you and not continue to complete the entire course. The choice is yours.
    • Various Interactive Methods
      • The courses are available on your schedule. Complete them as you feel you have the capacity. Interact with the material at your convenience.
    • Synchronous
      • Access to office hours with Marzano Academies’ implementation Specialists.
        • During these sessions, we will:
          • Break down the evidence-based elements and strategies further.
          • Discuss implementation strategies
          • Answer specific questions about using the elements and strategies in your classroom.
  • Fulfillment

    • Opportunities to become demonstration classrooms. Become part of the professional network of Marzano Academies Competency-Based Educators.
    • Receive direct feedback from the Marzano Academies Implementation Specialists following the submission of your work.
    • Improve in something meaningful to you – your career. Opportunities to strengthen current skills, use them in new ways, and add more to your tool belt to continuously improve in what we do. While no one is ever perfect, our learners always deserve better than good enough.

How does it work?

The Marzano Academies’ Instructional model comprises four Domains, ten Design Areas, and 49 Elements. To earn the Design Area badge, you must complete both Course 1 and Course 2. Educators will access all courses through the Marzano Academies’ portal.

In course 1, you will build foundational knowledge of the Design Areas and the Elements associated with that Design Area. By interacting with the Competency-Based Education Folio Series, you will gather information regarding the research behind the Elements and learn about different strategies you can implement to impact learners, so they show the desired behaviors and dispositions that lead to increased learning and achievement. After gathering the information, you take an assessment that asks you to recall the acquired foundational knowledge of the elements. After completing the Course 1 assessments for the Design Area, you will move to Course 2 for that Design Area.

In Course 2, you will apply the knowledge gained in Course 1 by reviewing teacher-based scenarios, taking a self-assessment, and uploading a narrative and video describing how you meet the goals of the Design Area in your classroom. When you have finished Course 2, you will earn a badge for that Design Area. Once all ten Design Areas have been completed, you will gain certification as a Marzano Academies’ Competency-Based Educator.

Additional information

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CBE Educator Certification, Design Area Badges: Proficiency Scales, Design Area Badges: Assessment and Feedback, Design Area Badges: Proficiency Scale Instruction, Design Area Badges: General Instruction, Design Area Badges: Grouping and Regrouping, Design Area Badges: Engagement, Design Area Badges: Comfort, Safety, and Order, Design Area Badges: Self Regulation, Design Area Badges: Efficacy and Agency, Design Area Badges: Metacognitive and Life Skills, Element Credentialing: Proficiency Scale, Element Credentialing: Tracking Student Progress, Element Credentialing: Celebrating Success, Element Credentialing: Obtrusive and Unobtrusive Assessments, Element Credentialing: Student-Centered Assessments, Element Credentialing: Generating Summative Scores, Element Credentialing: Direct Instruction, Element Credentialing: Practicing Skills; Going Deeper with Concepts, Element Credentialing: Complex Tasks and Generating and Defending Claims, Element Credentialing: Reviewing and Revising, Element Credentialing: Previewing and Highlighting, Element Credentialing: Elaborating and Extending, Element Credentialing: Attention and Engagement, Element Credentialing: Maintaining Energy in the Classroom, Element Credentialing: Maintaining Interest in the Classroom, Element Credentialing: Teacher Approach, Element Credentialing: Rules and Procedures, Element Credentialing: Inspire Students to Action, Element Credentialing: Enhancing Agency, Element Credentialing: The Reluctant Learner, Element Credentialing: Long-term Projects, Element Credentialing: Metacognition


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