Marzano Academies works both with dedicated lab schools and with traditional public schools or districts to implement competency-based practices. Using the 16 SLIs and performance scales, our implementation specialists help your team develop a focused improvement plan. Because transitioning to CBE can best be seen as an ongoing process, we also provide continual, targeted professional development and training, online and in-person performance monitoring, and feedback designed improve practice and celebrate success. The explicit benefits of partnering with Marzano Academies:

  • Access to an embedded Marzano Academy implementation specialist to monitor campus improvement.
  • Direct access to Dr. Marzano, regarding the implementation of your Competency-Based Education evolution.
  • Access to online training and C-BE implementation resources.
  • Value added professional development content, regularly updated to our website.
  • Links to other Marzano Academies’ practitioners.
  • Access to a network of schools implementing their unique vision of Dr. Marzano’s Personalized, Competency-Based Education.
  • Resources to help teachers continuously improve and the Marzano self-reflection scales to measure personal effectiveness.
  • Video content to review critical professional development content and learn on your time and at your pace.

Marzano Academies wants to partner with you!

To our Partners,

Marzano Academies is expanding and improving its partnership experience.

We decided to team with Moodle U.S. and Amazon Web Services to create a more robust partnership experience.

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