Marzano Academy Teacher Certification Courses

Marzano Academies offers online courses that focus on different aspects of Dr. Marzano’s CBE model. You can choose to take these classes on an individual basis and earn a badge certificate in a specific area, or you can take them all and earn certification as a competency-based educator. Either way, you can take your teaching to the next level.

The Curriculum

The curriculum for the certification courses is based on 50 years of research conducted by Dr. Marzano and other field experts. Over the course of his career he has built a functioning model for a CBE system, provided detailed guidance on effective instruction and assessment within such a system, and discovered the best leading and lagging indicators of success—so you know what kind of an impact you are making.

Certification Pathways

There are multiple ways to interact with this curriculum.

  • Pathway 1 – Competency-Based Educator Certification. This pathway provides access to all 10 courses in the Marzano Academies’ Instructional Model. You may complete them in any order you wish.  Once you have completed all courses, you will be certified as a competency-based educator.
  • Pathway 2 – Design-Area Badge. Instead of taking all courses at once, you might want to select one or more to work on at a time. Teachers can earn badges, which indicate certification in a particular course. If you earn badges for all to courses, you will also be certified as a competency-based educator.

Synchronous Learning is Available

As a Marzano Academies student, you have access to office hours with Marzano Academies’ implementation specialists. During these sessions, we will:

  • Break down the evidence-based elements and strategies,
  • Discuss implementation strategies,
  • Review submission of work you have provided and provide feedback,
  • Answer specific questions about using the elements and strategies in your classroom.

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