Competency-Based Education & The Role of Marzano Academies in Teacher Certification

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, teachers strive to inspire learners and ensure achievement for all continually. The drive to refine teaching methods has led educators to seek a more profound understanding and proficiency in Competency-Based Education (CBE). Marzano Academies has positioned itself as a leading force in helping educators achieve this goal.

Why Competency-Based Education Matters

  • Inspiring Learners: At the heart of education lies the commitment to inspire learners, ensuring every student reaches their fullest potential. This is the driving force behind the adoption of CBE.
  • Deepening Knowledge: CBE offers teachers an avenue to broaden and deepen their instructional knowledge. It helps them tailor their teaching styles to meet each student’s unique needs better.
  • Adaptable Instruction: With CBE, teachers can fluidly adjust their instruction based on Competency-Based Education principles and cater to their learners’ specific needs.

How Marzano Academies Facilitates this Journey

  • Online Asynchronous Course: Teachers can access a course that allows them flexibility in learning. They can proceed at their own pace and convenience.
  • Instructional Overviews: The course includes a video overview of the Elements and Design Areas of the Marzano Academies Competency-Based Instructional Model.
  • Assessments and Reflections: Teachers complete assessments and reflections that align with the Marzano Academies Competency-Based Instructional Model to ensure comprehensive understanding.

What’s the Outcome?

  • Certification: Teachers can earn credentials at varying levels ranging from an element to Design Area to full model certification.
  • Faculty Opportunity: On earning these credentials, there’s an opportunity to join the Marzano Academies Faculty, assisting others in their certification journey.
  • Access to Experts: Teachers can access the Marzano Academies CBE expertes, ensuring guidance and mentorship.
  • Networking: Connect and collaborate with a network of teachers on the same path. Share experiences, challenges, and insights.
  • Recognition: Earn electronic badges and certificates that can be showcased on email and social media profiles, enhancing professional credibility.

Who Should Consider This?

This is tailor-made for:

  • Teachers: Especially those seeking continuous professional growth and refinement.
  • Administrators: Particularly those wanting to elevate their understanding of instruction within a Competency-Based Learning environment.

When to Embark on this Journey?

  • Flexibility: The program is asynchronous, meaning teachers can complete it at their convenience.
  • Duration: Depending on the chosen certification, the course durations vary – element courses take about 4 hours, Design Areas require 10-12 hours, and a full certificate is a commitment of around 45 hours.

Competency-based education holds the promise of a more adaptive and personalized learning experience. Marzano Academies, through its structured programs, is poised to equip educators with the tools, knowledge, and network they need to excel in this paradigm.


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