The Marzano Academies model of Personalized, Competency Based Education - Developing agency and ensuring achievement for all Learners Post Covid-19 School Shutdowns

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted traditional education systems worldwide, forcing many schools to close their doors and transition to remote learning. This sudden shift presented numerous challenges for students and educators, leading to learning gaps, and decreased academic performance. However, one approach that has been instrumental in helping students bounce back and improve their grades is competency-based education. By focusing on targeted and structured learning, this approach has become a powerful tool in bridging the gaps caused by school shutdowns. The Marzano Academies approach to competency-based education with our 16 School Level Indicators supports schools in building systems that help students regain their academic footing and thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Personalized Learning Experience
The Marzano Academies model of Competency-based education centers around a comprehensive and structured curriculum that ensures the intended, taught, and assessed curriculums are aligned. Doing so ensures each student will have access to the necessary material. As was the case pre-pandemic, the model enables educators to identify learning gaps and design personalized interventions to address specific areas of weakness. By targeting individual needs, students receive the support they require to catch up on missed content, reinforcing their understanding and boosting their achievement.
This ability to personalize for individual needs is even more critical now as we know the impact of the school closures was not equal across communities and the country.

Clear Learning Objectives
A competency-based approach sets clear learning objectives for each subject, grade, or level. In the Marzano Academies, this is done using the proficiency scale structure created by Dr. Marzano. It is represented in the model with School Level Indicator 9, Measurement Topics and Proficiency Scales. These measurement topics, or sometimes referred to as learning targets, provide students with a roadmap for what they need to achieve, making their academic goals more attainable. With a well-defined path, students can focus their efforts, track their progress, and feel a sense of accomplishment as they successfully meet each objective. This clarity of purpose motivates students and instills a growth mindset, encouraging them to strive for continuous improvement.

Classroom Assessment and Feedback
Regular classroom assessment and feedback are essential components of the Marzano Academies competency-based education. Through frequent evaluations, teachers can gauge students’ understanding of the material and identify areas that need further reinforcement. Classroom assessment is School Level Indicator 13 and is defined as the school having an assessment system that ensures the use of reliable and valid classroom assessments that measure each student’s status and growth on specific measurement topics. Constructive feedback also helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to refine their study strategies and prioritize areas that require additional attention. This iterative process of assessment and feedback promotes a cycle of improvement, leading to better achievement over time.

Consistency and Continuity
The disruption caused by school shutdowns, extended health related absences, or other disruptions in leaners’ lives can result in a loss of routine and consistency. The Marzano Academies model with the identified 16 School Level Indicators provides a structured framework schools can use to ensure a continuity of learning, irrespective of external circumstances. By following a well-sequenced curriculum, students can gradually build upon their knowledge and skills, eliminating gaps in their understanding and enhancing their academic performance.

Competency-based education has emerged as a powerful tool to help students rebound from many disruptive challenges most recently by those posed by Covid-19 school shutdowns. By offering tailored learning experiences, clear objectives, structured assessments, and a sense of consistency, this approach empowers students to improve their grades and regain their academic momentum. As we navigate the post-pandemic world, prioritizing competency-based education will play a crucial role in addressing learning gaps, building resilience, and ensuring students’ success. By embracing this approach, we can equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the face of future disruptions and emerge as resilient learners.

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