Implementation Process

Marzano Academies team members, including Dr. Marzano, possess highly-specialized skills in educational assessment, personalized education program development, whole-school transformation, educational operations, school development and educational finance. Marzano Academies works in partnership with schools to create mutually beneficial initiatives. Marzano Academies team members, including Dr. Marzano, work directly with each partner campus to define what supports and services each school needs to create a successful implementation plan.

The process from initial conversation to implementation is:

1. Initial Communication

Marzano Academies team members begin a detailed conversation with school and community leaders to determine if a proposed school partnership is appropriate and viable. Additionally, Marzano Academies team members review with school, district and organizational partners if there are funding support mechanisms to offset the cost of Marzano Academies’ services. There are many national and state-level grants which support research-based, school-improvement initiatives and Marzano Academies team members have successfully helped schools apply for and qualify for competitive funding programs.

2. Systems Overview

Once an agreement is reached with a proposed school, a contract is signed, and the organizations begin joint planning. A Marzano Academies Site Implementation Specialist will begin the initial planning process with the partner school’s leadership team.

3. Planning

All Marzano Academies team members begin developing support-systems for the new partner campus including professional development sequences, product delivery timelines, technology support services and operations support to ensure each partnership is well supported.

4. Execution

The Marzano Academies team begins delivering specific interventions and actions to develop the Marzano Academy using information from the partner school’s Site Implementation Specialist.

5. Monitoring

Each partner school is provided with teacher and leadership feedback from the Site Implementation Specialist during the three-phases of Academy development.

6. Continued Support

After the three-phases (years) of Academy development, a school has the option to continue working with Marzano Academies for monitoring and reporting services.

  • School, District And State Partnerships

Through a true-partnership design process, we help you identify a traditional elementary, middle, or high school to transform into a high-performing, competency-based education environment. We will assist district leadership in identifying state and local funding sources to support Marzano Academies professional development services and specialized products. We have a proven record assisting schools and districts securing Innovation funds, Restart grants and other competitive grant resources.

  • Marzano Academy Charter Schools

Marzano Academies will collaborate with local school planning committees and leadership teams to write charter applications, develop local charter school boards, and assist with the state-level charter application process. Additionally, Marzano Academies has relationships with nationally experienced school builders, commercial real estate professionals and school financing companies.

  • School Turnaround, Improvement and Innovation Efforts

Marzano Academies works with state departments of education, county education offices and city leadership who have identified schools in need of improvement. We offer a true-partnership experience where Marzano Academies trains staff using High-Reliability Teacher  and High-Reliability Schools research to improve student performance.

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