Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know About Marzano Academies

We are a 501c3, public charity, created to support educational improvement in a variety of educational settings, including charter schools, choice-schools and traditional public schools. We support, serve and manage positive educational outcomes.

  • ​Marzano Proficiency Scales
  • Specially designed student materials
  • Competency Based Education software
  • Professional development services to support and monitor student academic growth
  • 10 Focus Areas of the Academies Instructional Model
  • 16-School Level Indicators of high reliability
  • Marzano Created Proficiency Scales
  • Scales for Metacognitive and Cognitive skills
  • 22 days of support from specially trained Marzano Academies Implementation Specialists
  • Measures of
  • Inspirational curriculum developed in partnership with Rachel’s Challenge and Jesse Lewis Choose Love
  • Vocabulary Program
  • Proficiency-based Tracking software (Empower)
  • 1. Marzano Academies Implantation Specialists, including Dr. Marzano, work directly with each partner campus to provide a wide-range of support. We work in partnership with schools to create a mutually beneficial endeavor and help them realize their unique vision for their community. This includes action planning with administration to define what supports and services are needed to support a successful site implementation.
  • Initial Communication: MAI team members begin a detailed, often lengthy conversation process with school and community leaders to determine if a proposed school partnership is appropriate and viable.
  • Systems Overview: A MAI Site Implementation Specialist will begin the initial planning process with the partner school’s leadership team.
  • Planning: All MAI team members begin developing support systems for the new partner campus; including: professional development, products, technology support services and operations support to ensure each partnership is well supported.
  • Execution: The MAI team, through direction from the partner school’s Site Implementation Specialist, begins delivering specific interventions and actions to develop the Marzano Academy.
  • Monitoring: During the three-phases of Academy development, each partner school is provided with teacher and leadership feedback from the Site Implementation Specialist.
  • Continued Support: After the three-phases of Academy development, a school has the option to continue working with MAI for monitoring and reporting services.

Marzano Academies collects fees from partnership schools. Fees are based on the size of the school(s) and the amount of support deemed necessary to achieve the 16-School Level Indicators. We are also a 501c3 public charity and gladly accept donations to support our work.