Interventions and Initiatives

There are 15 categories of interventions and initiatives that can be used by a school to become a high functioning competency-based or standards-referenced organization. The model has been developed in concert with Marzano Academies, Inc. (MAI) which is a 501c(3) not for profit corporation established in 2016. The purpose of MAI is to establish schools that approach the educational process from a highly coordinated perspective where every component is designed specifically to be used in concert with all the other components. The interventions and initiatives described in the Marzano Academy Implementation Manual (complete copies are available to current school partners) have been in development by Dr. Robert J. Marzano over a 40-year period. Each component has a rich theoretical base, a research base, and (in most cases) an evidence base. However, when executed in a coordinated fashion, these components have a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their individual parts.

The use of all 15 components in a coordinated fashion is referred to as the “Marzano academy model.” However, to attain official designation as a certified Marzano Academy, schools must go through a certification process with Marzano Academy, Inc. A school that becomes a Marzano Academy must execute all components in the integrated manner. Schools that do not strive to become a certified Marzano Academy might find it useful to employ various components in the context of their current systems. The fifteen interventions and initiatives are listed below. To learn more about an individual component, simply click on it and you’ll be redirected to additional information.