Partner Testimonials

Dr. Brian Kosena

Principal, Flynn Elementary School

Becoming a Marzano Academy is not easy, but the most worthwhile effort any school can undertake. This is especially true because of the support and leadership provided by Marzano Academies and its network of connected schools. If you are a school leader looking for a better way to educate kids, you’ve come to the right place. Partnering with Marzano Academies has been the opportunity of a life time and I highly encourage you to see if it is the right fit for your school too. 

Cheianne Pogline

Kindergarten Teacher, Center for Family Learning

Using the checklists to capture evidence from my learners has increased feedback to them. Using the checklist and having them attached to specific education outcomes, I can provide more targeted and detailed feedback to each learner.

Todd Ellis

Assistant Superintendent, Garfield County School District

Our moral obligation is to provide equitable education and build agency in all of our students. We know the best way to provide equitable education is through competency-based personalized education. This is a heavy yolk so a quality partner is essential for success. We in GCSD 16 are fortunate to work with Marzano Academies as they provide an abundance of resources, fantastic training, and expert advice. All of this is based on the most significant and trusted education research available. Their mission is the same as ours and they tailor their services to fit our needs much like we tailor our teaching to fit the unique needs of our students. Marzano Academies is with us every step as we advance from the hope of equity to the reality of learning for all.

Amber Clark

Principal, Bea Underwood Elementary School

I am super impressed with the level of support our school has received from Marzano Academies.  The Marzano staff are incredibly supportive, insightful, and knowledgeable about all things education.  We have developed a beautiful collaborative coaching model and look forward to weekly and monthly meetings with our Marzano support. More than anything, we benefit from having access to experts whose broad range of educational experiences allows them to be supportive problem solvers and whose deep knowledge of instructional design has helped us become better teachers and leaders for our students.

Dr. Patrick Hardy

Principal, Proviso East High School

Marzano Academies, Inc. provides a much-needed blueprint for communicating a desired future state of public education. The organization fully supports schools as they translate that future into current work so that schools can take action to achieve it. Our partnership with Marzano Academies grants us access to decades of research, knowledgeable coaches, and powerful practices that will yield powerful results with time and commitment.  

Brad Ray

Superintendent, Garfield County School District

The partnership with Marzano Academies has brought rapid growth to our pedagogy and philosophies.  We have world class research, world class practice, but most importantly world class people who deliver quality and intense professional development for the benefit of a single student.  The student focus is tangible.  I am honored to work with such fine people and build relationships with them along the way.  This is not a drive by PD, it is a roadmap to implementation.  Bill, Bob, and all the parties at Marzano Academies are not a one time delivery, it is a hand in hand partnership to implement Competency Based and Personalized Learning.

Kim Frees

Principal, Center for Family Learning

Being part of Marzano Academies has been a great partnership for our students, teachers and district.  Marzano Academies has pushed our practices and thinking to the next level.  Marzano  Academies provides our teachers with the skills and strategies to give students a student centered pathway to support them as individuals on their learning journey.   The work we have done with classroom assessments and feedback has redefined the way we think and deliver our instruction to support the individual student.  Furthermore, the relationships we have built have been supportive and personalized to what each of us needs.

Dana Jernigan

Principal of Benson Middle School

The staff at Benson Middle School selected to partner with Marzano Academies as our school reform model. The partnership has given the staff a clear vision and a road map to changing instructional practices that improve outcomes for kids.